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One of the most populus Alliance systems in the expanded Galactic Pill with 50 million inhabitants. It holds a place in the Stellar Cartographics Record Breakers hall of fame.

Mbutsi 4

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An unusual star type, this Class Y brown dwarf is effectively a Gas Giant with stellar properties rather than a true star. It has a surface temperature of around 378K. It’s also interesting in that it supports a ring system.


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Not much is known about the Mbombo system, however a lone cartographer, Cmdr Mokonzi, logged Mbombo B, a White Dwarf, with a temperature of 23,433 K which puts it into contention for hottest star in the expanded Galactic Pill


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The Hemsut System, populated by a large number of migrant astro physiscists who spend at least 10% of their time studying the interesting orbital mechanics of a tri stellar system and the other 90% undergoing treatment for severe radiation burns. Courageous or foolhardy pilots, it’s hard to tell which, offer their services in wild gravitational thrill rides around the orbits of the three stars.

WD 1207-032

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WD 1207-032 is definitely worth visiting. In the greater Galactic Pill this system stands out as having 11 stellar bodies! It contains 3 blue-white Class B Stars and 8 T-Tauri stars one of which (WS1207-032 AB5)  is spinning very rapidly at about 1 revolution per 3 secs!



LFT 1072

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Famed for it’s shipyards LFT 1072 has earned a reputation as the go to place for ships, and upgrades of almost all varieties.

LP 229-17

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For a bit of sightseeing fly on over to the beautiful purple Class M star LP 229-17

Mistana A 1

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A curiousity of  the Mistana system is the Earth like planet Mistana A 1 which has a radius of just 2,981km, and was submitted to the Stellar Cartographics Record Breakers hall of fame by Cmdr Monkey D Luffy

CR Draconis 6

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Planet spotters delight in finding the largest (and smallest) planets of different types. This planet temporarily holds both the title for Largest Gas Giant and Largest Ringed Body though it’s expected to be trumped shortly as explorers spread out through the galaxy. It’s radius is still an impressive 77,398km though!

Medusa 4

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Cool and light is not what you’d normally associate with a star, but  Stellar Cartographics Record Breakers entry Medusa 4 is both the lightest Star in the Galactic Pill and the coldest. Medusa 4 has a Solar mass of just 0.0117 and a surface temperature of a balmy 335K