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The farmers of Carter’s World are justly proud of their reputation for producing some of the richest harvests of the Empire. Food exported from the World find their way to Achenar, Facece and even Earth, where the ground tree is a favourite delicacy amongst the high society and luxury catering industry. The cross bred grain varieties of Carter’s World are reputed to make the finest bread in the known worlds and the Revised Catholic Mission of Aymiay insist that all their holy wafers be made with pure Carter wheat.

The populace of Carter’ s World are a racially mixed group, with several waves of settlers with different backgrounds landing and making a fresh start under the harsh light of Extila. The planet has an `open door’ policy for immigration and the relatively simple and disorganised feudal ruling system suits an agricultural life style. Despite the variety of racial backgrounds, the inhabitants of Carter’ s World have a very uniform appearance to offworlders. The harsh sunlight and the high gravity have bred a distinctive bulky dark-skinned race with a marked disdain for any kind of pretension.


The indigenous life forms of Carter’s World are tolerated, but not pampered, a local hexapod is used as draught animal by most farmers, but with typical Carter bluntness it is called beast and has no more formal name. The local fauna compete fairly evenly with imported Achenar and Earth stock, but the native plant life is not compatible with human digestive tracts and so imported varieties are fanned. A few verrix can be found hauling loads for the most prosperous farm communities. The imported verrix are highly prized and more than one local war has broken out over disputes about land use with the animals. These wars are highly localised affairs and tradition forbids the use of military or heavy weapons. Disputes are usually bet neighbouing villages and rarely escalate further.


Visitors to Carter’s World are made welcome and the local hospitality is freely extended to one and all. Most visitors find the 2.8 standard gravities a bit daunting, but booster shots can temporarily overcome this. Unless a traveller has grown up in high gravity environments, strenuous exercise should be avoided. There are organised tourist visits of all the famous planetary features of Carter’s World and tourists are advised to keep with the registered tours.



Sourced from Frontier: Elite II – Gazetteer
© 1992 by Ian Bell, David Braben, Kathy Dickinson and David Massey.

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