Galactic Timeline

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  • 1950s  First man in space. controlled nuclear fission, transistor, start of first nuclear arms race
  • 1960s  First man on Moon, commercial fission power, integrated circuits, computers
  • 1970s  Probes in Solar system
  • 1980s  End of first nuclear arms race
  • 1990s  First serious environmental problems on Earth, controlled nuclear fusion
  • 2000s  First (minor) anned conflict between a nation and a “multi-national” corporation
  • 2010s  First serious population problems on Earth
  • 2020s  First international environmental protection enforcement agency, first commercial space station
  • 2030s  Major energy crisis, fossil fuel restrictions, religious unrest, first baby born off Earth
  • 2040s  World War III. Huge technological advancements, huge loss of life, dreadful environmental damage.
  • 2050s  War gradually abandoned due to popular rebellions. Commercial fusion power
  • 2060s  Rebuilding. Dominance of corporations increased.
  • 2070s  First man on Mars, first permanent Moon base
  • 2080s  Manned exploration of solar system, orbital cities around Earth, first interstellar probes launched.
  • 2090s  First permanent Mars base, heavy industry on the Moon.
  • 2100s  Discovery of fossils on Mars, “hyperspace” discovered. humans throughout solar system.
  • 2110s  Arrival of message from first interstellar probe to Alpha Centauri system. First pictures taken of an extra-solar planet in the Lagrange point of the two main stars.
  • 2120s  Presence of life on Tau Ceti 3 detected, first armed conflict in space over rights in the asteroid belt.
  • 2130s  Hyperspace capable probes sent to all nearby systems.
  • 2140s  Manned space craft sent to Tau Ceti.
  • 2150s  Colony established on Tau Ceti 3. Major corporations sending first private colony ships.
  • 2160s  The race for the stars. Enormous production effort to produce colony ships, and mass exodus started.
  • 2170s  First attempt to terra-form Mars started.
  • 2180s  Life on Delta Pavonis discovered and made extinct in same year from bacteriological infection.
  • 2190s  Discovery of life on Beta Hydri 4, Altair 5. Human colonials spreading out of control.
  • 2200s  Earth environmental recovery program started, terraforming of Mars abandoned.
  • 2220s  Extinctions on Tau Ceti 3 increasing. Earth threatens to send a police force if nothing is done about it
  • 2230s  Ultimatum sent to Tau Ceti ignored
  • 2240s  First interstellar battle, formation of the Federation, founder members: Earth, Tau Ceti, Delta Pavonis, Altair, Beta Hydri.
  • 2260s  Spread of Federation influence.
  • 2270s  Second attempt to terra-form Mars started.
  • 2280s  Discovery of first non-human relic in space. Origin still unknown in 3200.
  • 2290s  First man “outside” on Mars (ie breathing unaided) on completion of terraforming.
  • 2300s  Remaining indigenous life on Tau Ceti 3 preserved in special enclosures.
  • 2310s  News of elimination of a reputedly sentient race on Achenar 6d by private colonists causes outrage in the Federation. Achenar refuses to join Federation, many terra-forming projects started.
  • 2320s  Federation sends war fleet to Achenar. Resulting enormous space battle won by Achenar
  • 2330s  Spread of Empire from Achenar to surrounding worlds. War between Empire and Federation.
  • 2340s  Continuing battles between Federation and Empire.
  • 2350s  Sirius corporation founded, and grew rich supplying the war fleets.
  • 2360s
  • 2370s
  • 2380s  Treaty signed between Empire and Federation.

Sourced from Frontier: Elite II – Gazetteer
© 1992 by Ian Bell, David Braben, Kathy Dickinson and David Massey.

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