Bounty Hunting

Written by  on October 22, 2014

Many people see Bounty Hunting as a recreational sport. Usually these aren’t the people being hunted, though some criminals do consider it sport to lead would be bounty hunters on wild goose chases across multiple systems.

A popular hunting ground is the Aulin system where a heavily trafficked navigation beacon is only 50Ls from the nearest station. Station administrators have fast tracked bounty voucher processing so red tape is at a minimum and turn around can be fast. Bag your bounty, drop of your vouchers and get your ship refuelled and munitions reloaded while you wait.

If you want to try your hand at some quick credits, kit your ship out with a warrant scanner and some souped up weapons before you take on the criminals single handedly.

Hot tips: Check out LP-98 and Rakapika systems for some fast credits, if you’re good enough.


Written by  on October 15, 2014

Like Lave, this is one of the Old World systems, with just a single planet and star. It has now been in a state of anarchy or civil war for some five hundred years and it seems very unlikely that a stable government will ever be successfully established, since the anarchic attitude is so ingrained in the planet’s culture. Social stability depends on large family groups or clans, and minor wars between them are continually breaking out, keeping the thriving arms importers busy. There have been attempts in the past to start up local weapon manufacture, but typically family rivalries tend to end up with the factories being destroyed. Indeed there is no heavy industry to speak of because the investment required to build a factory is far greater than that to destroy it.

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Written by  on October 15, 2014

The Phekda system was opened up by three major corporations simultaneously. Kamawachi, Bell-Traket and Inter-market. A brief spell of mutual cooperation soon degenerated into fierce corporate warring, resulting in the destruction of most of the original bases. Several small pressure groups converged on the planet of New California and set up independent operations, using military hardware from a nearby war to enforce their independence. In the uncontrolled warring, much of the indigenous life was destroyed by bacterial warfare and radioactive fall-out. Many parts of the World are still contaminated. The entire system now operates as an anarchic state and visitors must be prepared to deal with each individual entirely on their own merits.

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