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Quitolline. It is amazing that until the planet Topaz’s life forms in the Ayethti system¬†were studied for pharmaceuticals, over 80% of all space travellers were subjected to hyperspace sickness. This is a tremendously debilitating syndrome which is now almost unrecognised. Only the very few people who suffer from allergic reactions to Quitolline need endure the disorientation of hyper-jump sickness. (And most such people really prefer to remain at home and do their stellar travelling second hand by way of sensavid). Quitolline is the most effective anti-h-sickness drug ever discovered and its synthesis from naturally occurring forms on Topaz is a closely guarded secret.


Sourced from Frontier: Elite II – Gazetteer
© 1992 by Ian Bell, David Braben, Kathy Dickinson and David Massey.