The Coming of the Great Reset

Written by  on November 27, 2014

The central tenet of the Altairian metareligion The Children of Amiga says that the human race is actually living in a vast, undetectably realistic computer simulation being run from a time period believed by many to be the early 21st Century.

The most hotly debated part of the religion’s canon is the so-called “Coming of the Great Reset” when “all peoples shall be renewed and made equal to one another”. 

Belief/hope that this either will happen, won’t happen or has happened several times already so won’t happen again appears to correlate directly with bank account size.

Galactic Timeline

Written by  on October 15, 2014
  • 1950s  First man in space. controlled nuclear fission, transistor, start of first nuclear arms race
  • 1960s  First man on Moon, commercial fission power, integrated circuits, computers
  • 1970s  Probes in Solar system
  • 1980s  End of first nuclear arms race
  • 1990s  First serious environmental problems on Earth, controlled nuclear fusion
  • 2000s  First (minor) anned conflict between a nation and a “multi-national” corporation
  • 2010s  First serious population problems on Earth
  • 2020s  First international environmental protection enforcement agency, first commercial space station
  • 2030s  Major energy crisis, fossil fuel restrictions, religious unrest, first baby born off Earth
  • 2040s  World War III. Huge technological advancements, huge loss of life, dreadful environmental damage.
  • 2050s  War gradually abandoned due to popular rebellions. Commercial fusion power
  • 2060s  Rebuilding. Dominance of corporations increased.
  • 2070s  First man on Mars, first permanent Moon base
  • 2080s  Manned exploration of solar system, orbital cities around Earth, first interstellar probes launched.
  • 2090s  First permanent Mars base, heavy industry on the Moon.
  • 2100s  Discovery of fossils on Mars, “hyperspace” discovered. humans throughout solar system.
  • 2110s  Arrival of message from first interstellar probe to Alpha Centauri system. First pictures taken of an extra-solar planet in the Lagrange point of the two main stars.
  • 2120s  Presence of life on Tau Ceti 3 detected, first armed conflict in space over rights in the asteroid belt.
  • 2130s  Hyperspace capable probes sent to all nearby systems.
  • 2140s  Manned space craft sent to Tau Ceti.
  • 2150s  Colony established on Tau Ceti 3. Major corporations sending first private colony ships.
  • 2160s  The race for the stars. Enormous production effort to produce colony ships, and mass exodus started.
  • 2170s  First attempt to terra-form Mars started.
  • 2180s  Life on Delta Pavonis discovered and made extinct in same year from bacteriological infection.
  • 2190s  Discovery of life on Beta Hydri 4, Altair 5. Human colonials spreading out of control.
  • 2200s  Earth environmental recovery program started, terraforming of Mars abandoned.
  • 2220s  Extinctions on Tau Ceti 3 increasing. Earth threatens to send a police force if nothing is done about it
  • 2230s  Ultimatum sent to Tau Ceti ignored
  • 2240s  First interstellar battle, formation of the Federation, founder members: Earth, Tau Ceti, Delta Pavonis, Altair, Beta Hydri.
  • 2260s  Spread of Federation influence.
  • 2270s  Second attempt to terra-form Mars started.
  • 2280s  Discovery of first non-human relic in space. Origin still unknown in 3200.
  • 2290s  First man “outside” on Mars (ie breathing unaided) on completion of terraforming.
  • 2300s  Remaining indigenous life on Tau Ceti 3 preserved in special enclosures.
  • 2310s  News of elimination of a reputedly sentient race on Achenar 6d by private colonists causes outrage in the Federation. Achenar refuses to join Federation, many terra-forming projects started.
  • 2320s  Federation sends war fleet to Achenar. Resulting enormous space battle won by Achenar
  • 2330s  Spread of Empire from Achenar to surrounding worlds. War between Empire and Federation.
  • 2340s  Continuing battles between Federation and Empire.
  • 2350s  Sirius corporation founded, and grew rich supplying the war fleets.
  • 2360s
  • 2370s
  • 2380s  Treaty signed between Empire and Federation.

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