HIP 91906

Written by  on October 19, 2014

The three star system is absolutly massive with 61 known objects, from gas giants to clusters of moons. the system is fiercly independent and what government there is is anarchic. This provides the perfect base for large scale manufacture of narcotics. Sightseers frequently find themselves so spaced out on the ‘HIP juice’ as it’s known locally that they wake up with a third arm and a missing kidney.

For planet spotters, the system holds a number of records in the Stellar Cartographics Record Breakers hall of fame including the title for system with most Gas Giants of which there are 10.


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Hyperion is an Independent system with a population of 4 billion that is worth visiting for it’s active economy and incredible sights. 8 Planets, 2 major ports and two stations all within 100ls of the sun.

One of the smallest known Gas giants is here, Hyperion 10 A, 9,681 km diameter, Mass 1.2376. ‘It’s sooo dinky!’ said the famed pirate Ziph the very Grumpy.

Rumours of a black market here have seen a large number of ships entering the system with Tobacco from nearby Eta Cephei

Recreational tip: The winter space Olympics in the ice rings of Hyperion 6 are a spectacular annual event.

Eta Cephei

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Has a Bright G Class Star.

2.6 Billion people living in this independent Agricultural democracy but no Garden worlds, only 4 Orbis Stations in around the four Mercury like planets.

Eta Cephei is known to supply large quantities of tea and coffee which are in demand over in Aulin and only ~31 light years point to point, but they also sell Tobacco, illegal in many systems and in high demand in nearby Hyperion.