Written by  on October 15, 2014

Verrix are probably to be found on more worlds than any other single species, except mankind itself. The giant creature, with its enormous musclepower and placid nature, is standard equipment for many new colony ships. Transported as fertilised ova, it has replaced mechanical tractors on many emerging worlds, especially those of the Empire and bioengineering oriented Corporations. Records indicate that the verrix can grow to approximately three times the size of the Earth elephant. It is an omnivore and can adapt to digest most feeds, though the potato-grape of Anlave is known to be the ideal feed for the animal. Finally, many colonies have found that the versatile hair and hides of the creatures have reduced the need for expensive import of materials from off-planet during early years of colonial development.

Verrix are a native of the planet Stevenson in the Phiagre system.

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