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The Zearla system is home base for the vast majority of the miners who work the nearby worlds and systems in this sector of space. The city of Jeffries on Fraser houses the head office of Wreaken Construction and Mining, the most prosperous of the independent mining and development companies which work at the edge of the Federation. Employing over a quarter of a million full time staff and owning sole mineral rights to some forty nine planets, the Wreaken company can be found throughout most of the frontier and Federation Worlds.

With such a concentration of mining interests on Fraser it is not surprising that there are a large number of starports, all offering excellent repair facilities to miners and traders alike. Whatever facilities are not provided at one of the Fraser bases can almost certainly be acquired at nearby Andceeth. The Earth like world of Charles Colony. orbiting Enaness is also nearby, but its rigourous communist principles deter many casual visitors.


The Zearla system is well developed, from the smelting planet of Jameson’s Wreck; named after the unfortunate Naomi Jameson who crashed while chasing a metal rich comet towards the star but survived for three days before being rescued, to Leetown, on cooperworld, the seventh planet. The only solid world between Jameson’ s Wreck and cooperworld not to boast a permanent settlement of some type is Zearla 2, locally known as Nemesis, which has no mineral wealth to speak of and whose crust contains sizeable fractions of volatiles.


The surface of Nemesis is unstable and six attempts to establish bases on the planet have ended in disaster. The number of lives lost trying to populate this inhospitable world is over one hundred, despite the best efforts of standby rescue teams. The local miners use the planets name as a powerful curse and the more superstitious will even climb out of its orbital plane to avoid the taint of its path!



Sourced from Frontier: Elite II – Gazetteer
© 1992 by Ian Bell, David Braben, Kathy Dickinson and David Massey.

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